Destiny Family Medical Clinic

What is a Physical?

A physical, or check-up as it is more commonly known, is the process by which a doctor evaluates a person’s health. Technically this is called a Preventive Health/Wellness Evaluation. It is similar to an auto mechanic doing a 30 point check on your automobile and then telling you what he has found. A physical involves five categories as noted below.

Things that are covered during a physical at Destiny Family Medical Clinic :

  • Updating of a person’s past health history, including such things as ongoing or recurring health issues,current medications, allergies, surgery history, family health history, social history, etc.
  • Discussing of generally accepted preventive health guidelines such as screening mammograms, colonoscopies and others.
  • Obtaining a review of symptoms that the patient may be experiencing recently.
  • Performing the actual physical examination.
  • Obtaining of laboratory testing for both screening purposes and at times diagnostic purposes depending on any symptoms reported at the time of the physical.
Things that are not covered during a physical at Destiny Family Medical Clinic:
  • Treatment of chronic or specific acute conditions.
  • Completion of forms brought by patient.

Any particular findings in regard to symptoms and test results are typically dealt with in a more detailed fashion at a followup appointment for that purpose.

Why do you need a physical? Having your doctor perform a physical once a year is a good preventative health measure, especially if you have a family history of certain conditions. Most insurance programs and/or Medicare cover one physical per year.

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