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Importance of Adequate Fluids

What is an adequate fluid intake per day for me? 
Why is it important that I have an adequate intake?

The Importance of Adequate Fluid Intake
Every system in the body depends on water to function adequately. 60% of your body weight is comprised of fluids that:

*Flush toxins
*Carries nutrients to your cells

*Provides a moist environment for ear, nose and throat tissues (which helps prevent viruses from entering)

Feeling Drained?  It may be because you are drained-drained of fluids.  When your cells don’t receive the fluids they need to replace the daily loss you feel fatigued and drained of energy. Other signs of inadequate fluid intake include:

*Urine that is dark or yellow (With adequate fluids urine will be colorless or light yellow)
*Dry skin
*Feeling tired or dizzy    

So what is an adequate amount of fluids?

This depends on various factors:

1. Your weight
    Smaller people need fewer liquids than larger people.
2. The amount you exercise
    You generally need an extra 2 cups of water on days you do moderate exercise.
3. The climate
    If you are out in the heat of the day you will need to drink more.
4. The amount you are excreting or losing:
    If you are experiencing diarrhea or vomiting you will need to replace the fluids you are losing.

Generally Speaking...

For Men: 13 cups
For Women:  9 cups

How Can I Reach My Daily Goal?

Make a goal to drink a cup of beverage with each meal.  Plus drink a cup or two of fluids when you wake up, between each meal and in the evening.
Remember, some fruits and vegetables are full of fluids and count significantly towards your total fluid intake. Some count caffeinated beverages as part of your daily intake, others say the caffeine actually drains your body of fluids.  I recommend limiting your daily caffeine intake.