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Good Nutrition
Living Foods (Healthy Food)
Disease-causing vs Disease-preventing Foods

What diseases can food cause or prevent? The foods may not cause in themselves a disease but they can contribute to the manifestation or aggravation of the symptoms of various diseases. It is well known that proper diet and exercise are huge factors in many of the most common diseases in America: Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure. The link of diet with inflammatory conditions and even cancer is becoming more widely accepted and understood as well.

Living foods: foods that bring life and health to your body. They are found in the produce aisle.  They are fresh, colorful and in their natural state.  They help prevent disease by contributing vitamins, minerals and other elements such as antioxidants that fight inflammation a chief enemy in the battle against most diseases.

Dead foods: foods that contribute to disease. They are found in packages, with additives, with lots of words you can’t pronounce, altered from their natural state (processed), and are usually beige (lacking in color).  Many of these items are high in sugar, salt (sodium) and fat (cholesterol)  and have fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated vegetable oil.

Note: just because the food is of a neutral color and in a package does not mean it is not in the living category. Examples: sunflower seeds and nuts are high in nutrition and add life to the body.
Hint:  food from plants are usually heart friendlier than foods from animals.

                             Eat more of these:

                            -Whole grains
                            -Nuts and seeds
                            -Beans and Lentils

                               Eat less of these:

                            -Red Meats

                            -Packaged Foods

Get in the habit of checking food labels. 
Try to avoid foods high in sugar, cholesterol (especially saturated or trans fat) and salt (or sodium).

Choose items in their natural state.

Remember if it wasn't a food 100 years ago it's not a "living food" or life-giving to the body.