Destiny Family Medical Clinic

What We Do


Destiny Healthcare International offers the following services:


Destiny Clinic Prolotherapy.

Prolotherapy offers a unique way to treat chronic ligament, tendon and joint problems. Prolotherapy (Proliferative Therapy) is an injection treatment designed to repair weakened tendon and ligament structures in the body, which can be causes of intermittent or ongoing chronic musculoskeletal pain. Such structures can become weak as a result of trauma or a recurring abnormal stress, such as with poor posture or work-related repetition of movement. When these structures become weak, unable to support normal amounts of work or activity, the nerves that exist within the attachments of these structures become unduly stretched and over stimulated, leading very often to pain. Prolotherapy treatment attempts to more permanently strengthen the "weld" of weak and disabled tendons and ligaments to bone by stimulating the production of new fibrous tissue cells within the area of disability. Such stimulation then produces further healing of the impaired structures. For more information, see Prolotherapy section under Wellness on this website.


Destiny Outreach.

Destiny Outreach provides healthcare and community development assistance overseas in locations where we are invited by missionaries and local community leaders. This can take the form of clinics, health education and community development projects.